Fitness Pilates

Low impact all over body workout to help tone & strengthen your arms, core, legs and bums. We wear activation bands during the workouts to make our exercises even more effective as they activation the legs and core whilst we move through every exercise. We also use bender balls, resistance bands, mats and your own body weight with enjoyable relaxing music to create a varied and effective workout with control that is suitable for all fitness levels. Fitness Pilates also helps to improve your overall fitness, posture, flexibility, mobility, energy levels and mindset.

2019 Fitness Pilates Timetable at Tesco Extra Huntingdon Community Room:

Wednesdays 18:45-19:35 Pregnancy Fitness Pilates

Mondays 13:15-14:00 Fitness Pilates for Mums & Tots

Fitness Pilates for Mums & Tots

Pregnancy Fitness Pilates

Megan from Cambourne

“I’d highly recommend Tania. She is extremely knowledgeable in pre and post natal exercising and also general knowledge around pregnancy and labour which makes the classes great for building knowledge, coping with pregnancy symptoms and preparing for before and after labour. She is always on hand to give advise and recommendations, and happy to tailor the class to the needs of the group. Not only this, she’s still going on training courses to make sure her classes and advise just keeps getting better and better. But also obviously the fitness side of things is great. She changes the routines every week and uses a variety of equipment which ensures you get a variety of exercises and also keeps it interesting every week. This is the only exercise class I’ve looked forward to going to every week. With her exercises she always has a way to make them a little easier too if you’re struggling so is tailored to everyone. Biggest thing I love is the fact she doesn’t single you out if you’re doing it wrong for example like other instructors can do, which personally makes me so self conscious! Tania is so lovely and genuinely caring about you, she’s more like a friend. I can’t wait to ‘graduate’ from her pregnancy classes and start her post natal classes when my little one comes.” -2019

Helen from Houghton

“I started going to Pregnancy Pilates with Tania when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and I loved it! Exercise really isn’t my thing but the atmosphere that Tania creates is so calm and motivating and really helps with the discomfort that comes with later pregnancy. I now attend Post Natal Fitness and love the fact that I can take my baby along and socialise with other mummies! Highly recommend!” – 2019

Charlotte from Godmanchester

“Tania is a brilliant and motivated instructor with lots of extra knowledge in pre and postnatal exercises. I started pregnancy Pilates when I was 26 weeks pregnant with my little girl, I really enjoyed doing this class each week and I now attend the postnatal class with my baby! Tania is very friendly and relaxed during her classes which makes it a lovely experience for mummy’s and babies. I have found her class perfect for getting back into fitness and not having to worry about childcare or having to leave my little girl.” – 2019

Becky from Huntingdon

“I’m really enjoying Tania’s pregnancy Pilates classes. It’s the perfect balance between maintaining fitness and getting some much needed relaxation. Tania is enthusiastic and passionate about what she does, varying routines to suit different muscle groups and ailments. Highly recommended” – 2019

Nicola from Warboys

“Love Tania’s pregnancy Pilates classes, great for strengthening body and preparing for labour, whilst also very relaxing! Tania is a great instructor too!” – 2019

Cristina from Huntingdon

“I really enjoyed the antenatal Pilates class. Tania is knowledgeable and very welcoming, happy to adapt to any request when possible.very recommended!” – 2019

Ruth from Ramsey

“Tania is very knowledgeable about post natal fitness and is a great instructor. She’s very welcoming and friendly, and her classes are tailored for all abilities. You can choose which exercises are best for you and she can adapt it if you need to. V pleased to have found her 👍 10/10” – 2019

Lucy from St Ives:

“I didn’t exercise during my first pregnancy and started Tania’s classes when my son was 7 months, it really helped me get my core strength back and improve my general fitness. I did both Fitness for Mummies and Tania’s Pregnancy Pilates class throughout my second pregnancy and I feel much stronger in my core and back following the birth of my daughter 7 weeks ago, it’s definitely made the recovery much quicker! 
Highly recommended for keeping active during and after pregnancy. The classes are fun and social and the Pregnancy Pilates class is slower paced with relaxation time at the end of each class – ideal when you’re stressed/tired from working/looking after a toddler! 👍👍👍” – 2019

Amy from Huntingdon:

“I’ve been attending Tania’s classes from 6 months pregnant to now my baby is 8 months old! Tania is great in that she gives you various options of the same exercise to suit your fitness needs and there’s no fear about babies being disruptive because everyone is so understanding. Thanks for offering a class to welcome both myself and my children, or else I would never get the chance to exercise.” – 2019

Becca from Godmanchester:

“Had my first body conditioning class tonight!! It was fantastic. Tania has tailored the routine to suit all fitness levels and you can take this at your own pace. Loved it and can’t wait for next week” – 2019