Pre/Post Natal Classes

Tania Fitness for Mummies won the 2019 Hoop award for the Best-Bring-Along-Baby Activity in Cambridgeshire voted by the public which we are over the moon about!

Pre/Post Natal fitness classes are designed especially for mums with bumps or babies and they have been running since 2017 in St Ives.

2019 Timetable:

Mondays 13:45-14:30 Tesco Extra Huntingdon – Fitness Pilates for Mums & Tots (social time before)

Tuesdays 11:40-12:25 Burleigh Hill Community Centre St Ives – Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Wednesdays 11:00-11:45 Impington Sports Centre – Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Wednesdays 18:45-19:35 Tesco Extra Huntingdon – Pregnancy Fitness Pilates

Fridays 10:00-10:45 Godmanchester Devana Park – Buggy Beat – to book

We have a private facebook group with advice, information and videos for those of you who are interested in pre/post natal exercise please search for Tania Fitness for Mummies and join the group.

Lucy from St Ives:

“I didn’t exercise during my first pregnancy and started Tania’s classes when my son was 7 months, it really helped me get my core strength back and improve my general fitness. I did both Fitness for Mummies and Tania’s Pregnancy Pilates class throughout my second pregnancy and I feel much stronger in my core and back following the birth of my daughter 7 weeks ago, it’s definitely made the recovery much quicker! 
Highly recommended for keeping active during and after pregnancy. The classes are fun and social and the Pregnancy Pilates class is slower paced with relaxation time at the end of each class – ideal when you’re stressed/tired from working/looking after a toddler! 👍👍👍” – 2019

Amy from Huntingdon:

“I’ve been attending Tania’s classes from 6 months pregnant to now my baby is 8 months old! Tania is great in that she gives you various options of the same exercise to suit your fitness needs and there’s no fear about babies being disruptive because everyone is so understanding. Thanks for offering a class to welcome both myself and my children, or else I would never get the chance to exercise.” – 2019

Rachel from St Ives:

“Tania’s classes are really enjoyable, it’s great to be able to attend a fitness class and not worry about childcare. My son loves coming to the classes too, it gives him a chance to interact and play with other babies and I think he enjoys watching me do the exercise and even joins in sometimes! 😊 I would definitely recommend the classes to new mummies, it’s a good opportunity to meet other mums too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Jessica from St Ives:

“Tania is a great instructor and I love her pre/postnatal classes in St Ives. It was perfect to help me transition back into exercise after having my daughter and I loved being able to take her with me.
I am hoping to try some of her other classes in the future and would definitely recommend it to others.” – 2019

Kerry from Godmanchester:

“Tania’s pre/postnatal fitness classes have been great. It’s given time for me to get back to exercise without worrying about finding someone to look after my son. It’s also been invaluable to feel confident that the classes are designed with the postnatal body in mind and there are always different options for level of difficulty and also exercises to include baby if they are having a moment!” – 2019

Mel from Godmanchester:

“Tania is a fab and motivated instructor. The routines are fun and I feel comfortable knowing they are designed with postpartum abilities in mind. Its so hard to find the time to work out when you’re a new mum but being able to bring my daughter with me makes it easy. Will definitely continue with these classes and recommend to others” – 2019

Julie from Godmanchester:

“Excellent classes run by Tania! Different routines every week, friendly faces and lots of fun. Thank you!” – 2019

Katie from St Ives:

“This is the first exercise class I have been to that I look forward to attending each week. The music is great, exercise routines fun and Tania makes you feel at ease so it is enjoyable to attend each week with my baby. Thank you!” – 2019

Julia from Huntingdon:

“Tania is super motivating and makes the classes fun and open to all no matter your prior fitness level. It can be busy to fit in fitness when you are a mum so it is fantastic to have a class you can bring your bubba along to. Tania provides plenty of entertainment for the little ones too so they can play and socialise while the mummies work out 😊 Definitely recommend!” – 2019

Alice from St Ives:

“I started with Tania when we had our babies at a similar time. Really good classes & such a bonus taking babies and children with you! Really helping my recovery following my 4th c-section. Thanks!” – 2019

Toni from St Ives:

“I started classes with Tania 6 weeks after having my daughter and continued until I returned to work. I loved that they were low intensity and more strength training than cardio, exactly what I needed after pregnancy and labour! Time to exercise is hard to find with children so the short class lengths and having the babies at the class was perfect. Ultimately, the classes allowed me to snack on chocolate during the night feeds with no guilt! I really miss them since returning to work and will definitely be trying to follow the new home workouts.” – 2018

Christine from Godmanchester:

“Tania’s fitness class for mums is great, not having to worry about childcare and getting a good workout in is perfect 👌🏼 Tania always offers easy and hard options and you can just go with what you can manage. I would recommend trying out her classes even if you’ve never been in to exercise much before. It’s a reason to get out of the house with your baby 👶🏻😊” – 2018

Emma from St Ives:

“I have been attending Tania’s fitness for mummies group since the beginning of the year and I love it. Tania is always introducing new exercises and variations to suit all abilities. I always work up a sweat and feel great afterwards. Tania is lovely and always understanding of my twins that run riot now they are moving! I would recommend Tania’s classes to anyone looking to go to a fitness class. I haven’t been to one in years and Tania’s was the perfect one to go to.” – 2018

Theresa from St Ives:

“Getting back to pre-pregnancy fitness seemed impossible before starting classes with Tania. Being able to take my little one to a class where nobody judges you or takes any notice when your child kicks off has been a real help to encourage me to reach my goals.” – 2018

Daisy from Huntingdon:

“It’s an absolute godsend to be able to have such a fun, good workout in a baby friendly environment where no one bats an eyelid if your little one is unsettled! Tania’s workouts definitely get your heart pumping and are a great combo of cardio & conditioning. I’m also nursing a shoulder injury and she always gives me alternate exercises to do to suit me. Definitely give her classes a go!” – 2018

Clare from St Ives:

“I attended Tania’s class for mummies in the final trimester of my pregnancy and started back again 6 weeks postnatal. It provided exactly what I needed at both stages, with exercises to help with my fitness and strength. Tania provides different options for all exercises and you can work at your desired intensity. It’s very baby and toddler friendly. I spent a lot of time searching for classes like this when my toddler was born but struggled to find anything suitable that didn’t cease to run, I have been much luckier this time! 😀 At times I am tired and it is an effort to attend however I always feel better afterwards.” – 2018

Kirsty from Colne:

“I’ve been attending Tania’s mummy fitness classes for a number of months now, since the birth of my little girl. It’s been great getting back into fitness and also being able to take my baby with me. There’s plenty of mats and toys to keep the babies entertained. The workout itself focusses lots on toning – just what you need after pregnancy! Tania always offers variations to make the standard moves easier or harder so you can work to your level pre or post baby.” – 2018

Vicky from Ely:

“Just been to the first mummy fitness session with Tania. Had a good workout and left feeling positive and energised. The babies were all very well behaved too! Will be going again! Thanks Tania” – 2017

Jemma from Somersham:

“Have been attending Tania’s Tuesday fitness class for some time now and really enjoy them – simple exercises that have a big impact! It’s great being able to keep fit with your baby there !! They’re really fun and allow you to push yourself depending on your ability she always offers easier and harder options for each exercise.” – 2018

Jen from Huntingdon:

“Buggy Beat Friday class was great, thanks Tania!! I’d recommend it to everyone – really good fun!” – 2018