June 4, 2019

Powerhoop Announcement

I have made the difficult decision to leave the Powerhoop family after 6 wonderful years as a Powerhoop Pro Instructor and Trainer. I will always love Powerhoop and will continue to use my powerhoop at home but now I am a mummy I would like to spend more of my evenings with my little family.

I am going to focus my career with my pre/post natal and fitness pilates classes, so I will just be working 1 evening per week and my daytime classes which will be a better balance for my family.

I know this will be sad for those of you who still hoop with me but I hope you can understand my decision as many of you have already expressed you do which is really lovely to have your support. Thank you to everyone who has come to my Powerhoop classes over the last 6 years its been amazing and a chapter of my career I will always be thankful for (its certainly mentioned in our wedding speeches)!

Please join me in our last sessions of Powerhoop coming up. Wyton Tuesday evening class will finish on 18th June
and Impington Monday evening class will finish on 19th August

Much Love
Tania xx

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